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Alternative Name(s): Firkin point       

Travel directions: Take the A82 up Loch Lomondside and turn first right after firkin point go along old loch lomond road till you come to a point with a bench on the corner  (see picture of parking directions below)

Parking directions: At the bench on the corner


Distance from Glasgow: 21 Miles 

Lat & Long: N56 10 42.5 W4 40 58.4 Google map

Site entry/exit: From the bench in the picture above walk down small (pictures below) path 4meters towards the loch. And kit up on the bench and enter the water from the rock, jump in (stride entry) its 90m deep


Underwater directions: Head down to your desired depth its straight down to 90m then boulder slope to 110m and head south and you can exit on the stoney beach. 

Site Hazards:The water is like tea, Its always cold, Waves from boats, depth.             

Suggested experience: Master diver- 40m  Tri-mix 40+ 

Nearest Public phone: Tarbet

Accommodation: Holiday park Camping

Mobile Network service: Orange 

Other comments:There are gates now to stop cars driving along the old road (150m) Phone the numbers on the picture.below.


Air & Nitrox fills: Aquatron  Splashsports

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Pub: Inverbeg /  Duck bay marina                                 

Created by: John Nicolson 

Date: 10/8/06 

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Land photos: 

Underwater photos: None to dark 

Underwater map/ Sketch: Fly through without water


Dive Report: John Nicolson this is a dive that is only good for deep training, The wall is vertical to 90m then its a boulder slope. If you want to check out equipment and not carry it to far, the wall is ideal. The viz was only 1-2m and it was like diving in tea but my kit has never been so clean.