Alternative Names: Get permission from Core94: 01224 581313


Type of Dive: Quarry

Suggested experience: Trainee to experienced diver

Travel directions: Boddam village is 29 miles (47 km) north of Aberdeen and 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Peterhead. There is an unfinished road just south of the Stirlinghill Quarry signpost on the A90 South of Peterhead, head up this road ........ Google

Parking directions: Drive up the rocky quarry road and park on the grass but take care it can be very slippy and you can get stuck.

From Peterhead: 4 miles 9 mins

Lat & Long: N57.459091 W-1.794344  Google map

Depth: 25m

Site entry/exit: Very easy entry and exit. No tides or currents.


Underwater directions: Just explore not to big...

Site Hazards: Cold and reduced viz if there are a lot of divers.

Nearest Public phone: Peterhead

Accommodation: Peterhead

Mobile Network service: All networks here

Other comments: In summer it can become very green with algae reducing the viz to 3-5m. There are rainbow trout, perch, stickleback and a pike.

Pub:  The Rocksley Inn

Created by: Gavindiver

Cafe: Longhaven: Shoppie For a dodgy bacon/sausage roll and a cup of tea

Air & Nitrox fills:  Core94 Divenortheast 

Revision: 2

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Dive Report: Dr Strangelove 18/11/09 Great place for training, easy entry, sheltered and variable depth. There are permanent shot lines at 6m and 9m maybe one deeper great for CBL exercises. At 10-12m there is a big checkers board for those who feel like a quick match. At about 16m there is an old Ice-cream van. There is not much life a few smaller fish and then a rumour of a bigger one (can't remember the species).

Dive Report: 12/1/10 Jorawley Did a cpl of dives in Boddam quarry when the sea was too rough for a dip with new drysuit - ideal facility for kit test or training, but that's about it. Certainly not worth doing when a few people have been in the same day or day before.