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Alternative Names:  Eas Urchaig (Orchy waterfall),



Travel directions:  Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Crianlariach staying on the A82. Staying on the A82 going through Tyndrum to the Bridge of Orchy.  Turn left before the bridge of Orchy hotel down the B8074, sign posted Glen Orchy. Continue down road for 3-4miles till you come to a metal bridge over the river. (see picture below) 


Parking directions:Parking is close to the edge of the road

From Glasgow: 73 Miles 1 Hr 40 Min's

Lat & Long: 56° 26' 52.73'' N   4° 51' 10.22'' W  Google map                     

Site entry/exit: Enter the river down to the left of the bridge for a jump entry, its deep enough.  Important find an exit point before entering the water as different heights of water make certain exit points unusable.

Underwater directions:  Its a small area so just look about. there is a cave near the bridge which is safe to enter and there is room for two divers. Look at the rock formations as they are amazing, perfectly round holes that look like they have been drilled but its a round stone which has rolled round and worn the hole. There are eels in the rocks at the bottom of the river, and trout and salmon at certain times of the year. Because there is no silt here the viz stays at an amazing 10-15m even with 6 divers in for an hour.

Site Hazards: Steep entry, The river can be fast flowing after a lot of rain.

Depth: 8-9m 

Suggested experience: Sport diver

Nearest Public phone: Bridge of orchy hotel

Mobile Network service:  Vodaphone was patchy 1 to 2 bars

Other comments: A different sort of dive. If the river gauge reads over 2 its worth canceling the dive. You can also dive the Orchy pools upriver.


Pub: Bridge of orchy hotel 

Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 7/7/07

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Regthing for additional info

Land photos:

Underwater photos: By Downunder


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