Alternative Names: The gorge

Linn of Dee1  

Type of Dive: River dive,Contact the estate office on 013397 31669 before traveling to dive here.  Only dive here on a dry day that follows 3 - 4 dry days

Suggested experience: Sport diver

Travel directions: The Linn of Dee is a few miles from Braemar, about halfway to Perth on the A93  

Parking directions: Leave the dive kit at the bridge with a minder and park In the tourist car park, its a pay and display....£2. But parking is free if you have an National trust for Scotland badge. There is also a toilet in the car park.

From Aberdeen: 64 miles, about 1 hr  54 Min's

Lat & Long: N56.988119 W-3.546275  Grid ref NO0689 Google map

Depth:8 - 9 meters 

Site entry/exit: Carry your dive kit down the path at the side of the bridge and down the steep grassy bank which brings you to shelving rocks along the side of the river where you do a stride entry. 

Linn of Dee2Linn of Dee3

Underwater directions: From the entry point swim upstream to the top pool where the water fall is, called the "washing machine". There are a few large round holes that spin the water. Then work your way down stream until the water is to shallow. The rocks have great patterns and have mica embedded in them and on sunny days they sparkle. 

Site Hazards: Fast flowing water that can make diving here very dangerous and cold.

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Accommodation Lossiehouse

Mobile Network service:  To Follow 

Other comments:  Sometimes there is a dark red tint to the water which is caused by the peat and also means that conditions will be similar to that of a night dive. You can see eels and trout here and if you are lucky the occasional salmon. If you are taking pictures, dive first without the camera and check the conditions first. Don't take anything that is easily broken as you get knocked about in the bowls.  A 10L, 232 Bar cylinder is all that is required to dive here. 

Pub: None

Created by: John Nicolson

Cafe: None

Air fills: Aberdeen watersports   Northeastdive

Date: 5/5/08 

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Thanks To:  Gordon Milligan for Utube.


Surface Photos: Contact me

Linn of Dee6  

Underwater Photos:  Utube

Linn of Dee4Linn of Dee5

Dive Report: Garspeed 18/10/09 Weather was warm and bright  although water was chilly. From surface conditions at entry were calm but up towards the washing machine things looked very different. We dropped in and got settled on the bottom before heading upstream. A few salmon on route but mission 1 was the washing machine with mission 2 an exploration on the way back. Made it up to the bowl before the washing m/c no problem but couldn't quite get in. Had to sit on bottom for 5 Min's to recover breath during which time Jim had a go and made it. He then positioned himself to give me a welcome hand hold to help me in. Once in there was no rest as most of bowl was alive with airiated water and the threat of being spat downstream was always there so no chance to get near the waterfall.