Alternative Names: Hughes Brothers Quarry

Type of Dive: Freshwater

Suggested experience: Ocean Diver upwards

Distance from Birmingham: 72 miles

Parking directions: Follow A6 East from Buxton. Just before leaving Buxton turn right onto Waterswallows Road. Lomas Distrubution have a car park on the right opposite there site. Turn onto this. It used to be possible to drive right to the waters edge but they have now put boulders in place to stop you. It would be possible to push them to one side but when I was there security guard had seen us on CCTV and had turned up within 2 minutes of our arrival. We said we were there to dive and he said he'd turn a blind eye so we just parked where we were. The water is relatively easy 400 yard walk. It may be worth asking for permission beforehand as not all the security may be so obliging.

Lat & Long: 53 16.220' N 1 52.710' W. OS grid reference 085749 Google

Tides: n/a

Depth: 40m+   

Site entry/exit: 400 Yards from the car park. Follow gravel road parallel to the car park and then around to the right.

Underwater directions: This is a large quarry so not really sure of the best route. Probably best to look at the map and use that as a rough guide.

Site Hazards: Altitude. The site itself is at 320m so would be classed as an altitude dive. For reference I believe Hodge Close is only 190m From a safety point of view the site is remote, water access is restricted. The water temp even in the summer is about 4-6 degrees (colder than hodge or dotty).

Nearest Public phone: Village of Peak Dale


Mobile Network service: Orange

Other comments: Planning permission has been granted for a dive site to be set up on this site but not followed through. It should be made clear that this is a altitude dive, its over 300m above sea level and at the moment there is no access available. The site is of geological importance and this is the reason the site was never allowed to run as a dive site. The basalt rock cliffs are like the devils causeway in ireland!


Created By: Poiret


Air & Nitrox fills: Aquatech

Date: 22/2/12

Revision: 1

Thanks To: The security guard and Proscuba Diving College

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Surface Photos:

Underwater Photos: 

Dive Map: By Proscuba Diving College


Dive Report: This is a very large quarry probably a little smaller than Dorothea but it appears to me that it is still filling up (there are several life buoy holders submerged around the edge). I have seen a rough drawn map that claims it drops to over 40m although I couldn't verify that. If as I suspect it is still filling it could well end up 10's of metres deeper. Due to the size I didn't get to see much of it. First dive we just headed out from the entry point to the North West. The sides slope quite steeply to about 6 metres where a line of tree's begins underwater and the gradient reduces. We wound our way through these to where they finished at about 10m and then continued on down to approximately 22m where it levelled out. Visibility was about 5m but the water is quite bright. There is a thin layer of silt throughout and below that a solid feeling bottom. I can't say there's a lot to see, not even piles of dumped cars but there are numerous pipes and valves running around and what look like lengths of steel rope. Having swam around for about 25 minutes with the depth changing slightly to a maximum of around 25m we decided it was getting a bit chilly and headed back.   Having been in once the second dive was a quick dash to try and find the drop off to 40m. We'd seen drop a off to 30m first time around and I headed back to this only to discover it was just a small bowl at which point I thought I'd give up. I think I was probably to far South and hadn't quite gone far enough out to reach it although I did find a caravan on the way back which I'm sad to say was the highlight. I can't say that it is a great site as there is very little to see but if you're stuck inland this certainly makes a change from Stoney Cove or Capernwray.