Type of Dive: River dive. Utube

devils bridge1

Suggested Experience: Sport diver.

Travel directions: From junction 34 of the M6 head towards Kirkby Lonsdale on the A683. When the A683 meats the A65 turn left and Devils Bridge should be visible on your left. Alternatively come of the motorway at junction 35 and head for Over Kellet and take the B6254 to Kirkby Londsdale.

Parking directions: Google  Google

Depth: 6m

Site entry/exit: Get kited up and then walk through a narrow gate and down on to a small beach up stream of the bridge. The current is at its strongest here so jump in and drift down under the first bridge. After the bridge the current slackens and you can spend time looking at the fish and in the cracks between rocks for eels. The River shallows rapidly just before the road bridge and after the bridge there are few places to get out. Google

Air & Nitrox fills: Capenwray

Site Hazards: Rocks and cold

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Mobile Network service: Most work here

Pub: Snooty fox tavern  The sun Inn


Version: 2

Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 7/7/07

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Other comments: Best time to dive here is when there has been no rain for a while as it reduces the viz

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Underwater photos: Utube

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