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Type of Dive: Freshwater dive in an old quarry

Suggested experience: Novice upward

Distance from Edinburgh: 16 miles 30 mins Google map  From Glasgow: 47 miles 1 hr 10 mins Google map

Parking directions: Drive down preston crescent as far as you can go and you will see STONE MARINE SERVICES on your right with a blue fence, keep driving straight ahead and it looks like you are driving up a path .where you will come to two metal bollards. There are not locked so just lift and drop them ,please remember to raise them again. Keep the gates clear in case of an emergency.

Picture 1 below right shows parking to the right hand side of the gate .watch out for the drainage trough on the left as you drive down , try staying to the right hand .
Picture 2 below shows a little bit of parking in front of the gates and to the right


Lat & Long: N56.027415 W-3.385178  Google maps

Tides: No tides here.

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Its a very easy entry / exit as shown on the picture below.


Underwater directions: There is no best way to dive here just explore round the edges and have a look in the middle.

Site Hazards: Cold and bad viz when there are too many divers here.

Nearest Public phone:


Mobile Network service: Most networks here.

Other comments: Attractions include cars, loads of bikes, lawnmowers, wire mesh, tyres, cable spools etc etc. Dont forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page!

Pub: Gallagher’s in Heriot Street. KY111ND

Created By: Ricky Wishart


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Date: 22/3/12

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Underwater Photos: By Olaff  Utube




Dive Map: By Maximilian Ruffert


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