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easdale cliff2easdale cliff1

Type of Dive: Shore dive along the shoreline in and out of the gully's.

Suggested experience: Experienced sport diver 

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrocher and over the rest and be thankfull and turn right at Inveraray and turn left onto the A85 to Oban and south on the A816 turn right onto the B8003 and over the Clachan Bridge onto seal island to the end of the road at Easdale.

Parking directions: In the large car park under the cliff ( takes 50 cars ) Google map Park at the top left of the car park looking towards the cliff.

easdale cliff6

Distance from Oban: 16 Miles 26 Mins Google map

Lat & Long: 56.297086  -5.654204  Postcode  PA34 4RF

Tides: Tide tables Only dive slack water or when the currents are heading south.

Depth: 15m

Site entry/exit: Get fully kitted up and walk along the small path under the cliff to the jump entry into a gully from 2m into 4m, (high tide) and exit in the bay and Harbour. (see pictures below) The last ten meters of the path is tricky over jagged rocks.

easdale cliff5easdale cliff4

Underwater directions: Head out of the gully and turn left heading south hugging the shoreline in and out all of the gully's till you reach the beach before the harbour. Don't go past the harbour as the currents get stronger due to the channeling between the Island and the shore. 

easdale cliff3

Site Hazards:  Tricky walk along a small path under the cliff, and sometimes you have to cancel the dive because of big swells. (dive Easdale quarry instead)

Nearest Public phone: In the pub at the quarry.

Accommodation: The Tigh-an-Truish Hotel  Garragh Mhor B+B  An Rubha  Inch Cottage

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Other comments: Take care walking along the small path, and dont dive if there is too big a swell into the gully's. This is an interesting dive because of the amount if different sea life seen here.

Pub:  Oyster bar

Created by: John Nicolson

Cafe: None

Air & Nitrox fills: Puffin Oban divers

Date: 11/4/11

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Eastwood divers.

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