Alternative Names: Exmouth Pier Head

exmouth pier1

Type of Dive: Shore dive beside the pier.

Suggested experience: Confident Ocean Diver upwards

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: Across the road from the beach pub Google

Distance from Bristol: 83 Miles  1 hr 45 Mins

Lat & Long: N50.616411 W-3.423148

Tides: Tide tables This site must be dived at high water.

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit: Walk down Mamhead Slipway or giant stride off the pier (hight tide only)

Underwater directions: Enter the water just before high tide to make the most of the slack water period. Lots of wildlife including wrasse, blennies, gobies, tunicates and sponges. The old collapsed pier creates an overhang where lobsters and scorpion fish lurk, also two old cars which are interesting to explore. A great night dive where numerous conger eels can be seen. 

Site Hazards: Strong currents.

Nearest Public phone: 

Accommodation: Anchoring B+B

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Other comments: The slipway and dock entrance are out of bounds and divers must use an SMB, .

Pub: The Beach The Grove

Created by: Finstrokes 

Cafe: Docs cafe on Pier head rd,

Air & Nitrox fills: Jurassic Coast Diving  Teign diving centre

Date: 30/1/11


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