Alternative Names: Ferrybridge Underwater Trail

Type of Dive: Scenic dive under and around the bridge.

Suggested experience: Not for a novice.

Travel directions: Google map

Parking directions: At the dive centre.

Distance from Weymouth: 10 mins  2.6 Miles

Lat & Long:  N50.582816  W-2.471527

Tides: Tide tables HW or LW Portland plus 45 minutes

Depth: 7m

Site entry/exit: From the hard standing in the car park of Fathom and Blues – please ask permission

Underwater directions: This area is great for seeing Sea horses, anemones, nuddies, crabs etc. A very scenic dive under the bridge and around the slopes in the entrance to the harbour.

Site Hazards: An SMB is required at all times. Boat traffic is regular and heavy. Beware of tides. Up to 7 knots through the channel. BE CAREFUL

Nearest Public phone: 300 m on the left as you go towards Weymouth

Accommodation: The Aqua or Weymouth tourist information, 01305 785747. 

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Other comments: Use an SMB in case there's any boat traffic.


Created by: Dale at Fathom and Blues

Cafe: Quiddles Cafe

Air & Nitrox fills: Fathom and blues  Scimitar diving

Date: 20/1/11

Revision: 1

Thanks To: Fathom and blues 

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