Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Wreck dive from the shore.

Suggested experience: Capable novice

Distance from Norwich: 27 Miles 59 Mins Birmingham 154 Miles 3 hrs 25 Mins  Turn off the A149 coast road on to the beach road at Position 52.955835,1.047392 Just east of Cley and 11 miles west of cromer.

ss vera2

Parking directions: Park in the carpark at the end of the beach road. Google Park at the far right looking at the sea past the small building in the picture below.

ss vera1

Lat & Long: 052o 57.968'  001o 03.236' or 52.96613, 1.05393 Google

Tides: Tide tables Best dived slack which is nominally 2 hours after high or low water at Cromer and slack lasts about one hour. The current runs East after low slack and West after high slack.

Depth: Can be seen at low tide

Site entry/exit: The beach is steep gravel so the entry is easy but if the waves are over 1m high it can be very dangerous exiting the water. There are a few lumps of concrete at the head of the beach to let you know where to enter the water.

Underwater directions: The wreck is 120m out, and runs parallel to the shore but it is still easy to miss it and consists of the engine prop shaft and boiler with some plates between them. Its a small area so just take your time and explore.

Site Hazards: This coast is very vulnerable to North/East winds which reduces the viz and if the waves are high although its easy to enter the water the exit can be dangerous.

Nearest Public phone: Blakeney

Accommodation:  Studio B+B Cookes B+B Caravan park

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Other comments: The SS Vera has been adopted as part of the Nautical archaeology society's adopt a wreck initiative. As mentioned on the 1townhouses website its best to mark the wreck at low water with a buoy (5 litre plastic container and 5m of rope) to make finding her easier at high water.

Pub: Three Swallows Kings arms

Created By: Finstrokes


Air & Nitrox fills: Christal Seas Scuba

Date: 26/5/11

Revision: 2

Thanks To: 1townhouses

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