Alternative Names: Sean chroit sgeir na

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Type of Dive: Shore dive

Suggested experience: Novice up...

Travel directions: Google Leaving Glasgow on the M8 cross the Erskin bridge onto the A82 and turn left at Crianlarich staying on the A82. At Tyndrum bear to the right  still on the A82 over Rannoch moor into Glencoe. On entering Glencoe you will see loch leven on the right, cross the bridge and after a few miles turn left Google down into the car park.

Parking directions: In the car park.

Distance from Glasgow: 100 Miles 2 hrs 11 Mins

Lat & Long: 56.741854,-5.205983

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 25m

Site entry/exit: Dive 1: The car park and picnic site have a path down to the glaciated rocks on the point. The entry is the small pebble beach to the right (North) of this (entry bay). Dive two: from the entry bay a pebble spit runs out 100 yards north, at low water this is exposed. Walk to the end of this

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Underwater directions:  Dive 1: Head straight out over a 3m shelf and down slope to 6m, this brings you to the steep edge of a mud slope covered in multi-coloured brittle stars.  This continues down to at least 25m where the angle appears to shallow (though the loch is much deeper). Scallops (few), queenies, anemonies and usual burrowing worms.  Dogfish reported.  A gentle drift  when lower down the slope took us southwards.  A few large dragonettes. Coming back up the slope we encountered an overhanging wall at 8m , covered in life (and mono-filament line and hooks) which we followed to the end of the dive surfacing at the point.  Shoal of saith on the kelp here as well as leopard gobis. Others reported following this reef further and surfaced in the middle of the bay to the south.

Dive two: fin straight out to find a reef between 5-15m and boulder slope.  Return to entry bay.  Best done at low water to avoid long snorkel.

Site Hazards:

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Other comments: This is a good site for a club training day, good parking and plenty of room.

Pub: The Corran Inn

Created By: Chris Hine Perth-BSAC

Cafe: Fort William

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