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Alternative Names: Craigullie

Type of Dive: Shore dive

Suggested Experience: Suitable for all grades

Travel directions: Come off the A90 or A98 onto the B9031 into Sandhaven and along the shore road until you see the school.

Parking directions: Park in front of the school Google

Lat & Long: 57° 41' 55.86'' N 2° 3' 53.61'' W  Postcode AB43 7EQ


Tides: This site is best dived just before high tide as a lower tide makes entry and exit a clamber over rocks the entry point (high tide) Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Walk across the grass and enter the water at the gully, enter exit same place.

school reef1

Underwater directions: You enter into a large tidal pool which you swim out until you reach the line of rocks seen to the left and centre of the picture. Here as you can see is a small rock and the larger rocks in the background form a channel it becomes deeper here this is the best place to start your dive from here you swim out with the face on your right explore the site to the north and west. There are quite a few large rocks and nice gullies to explore this site is quite shallow 11 - 13m but with plenty sea life.

Air&Nitrox fills: Divenortheast   Core94

Site Hazards: Swell

Nearest Public phone: Info to follow.


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Date: 7/7/07

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