Alternative Names:  St Cathrines   Webcam

Type of Dive: Boulder slope This is a great dive for trainees and photographers and it has an easy entry / exit.  

Suggested Experience: Trainee upwards  

Travel directions:  Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrocher and over the rest and be thankfull,  turn left onto the A815, from this junction its xx miles to the junction or about half a mile past St Catherines shown in the picture below and 34.5 miles from Little Chef Dunbarton.


Parking directions: Room for 10 cars, remember to leave access for the people who live at the end of the road and other divers to leave.


Lat & Long: N56.210973  W-5.055272

Tides:  Tide tables

Site entry/exit:  Very easy entry and exit except the steps between the trees. Underwater directions:   Enter the water and go straight out to 12m and turn right, the boulder reef starts here and goes down to 24m. For a short dive (30 mins) stay on the first reef. For a longer and deeper dive head past the first reef up the loch (look at U/W map) and the reef here goes down to 40m. Look under the bigger rocks and you wll probably see conger eels. Look upwards on the reefs as you get shoals of fish here. In July there are plenty different types of fish here (look at the U/W pictures). 


Air & Nitrox fills: Aquatron   Splashsports           

Site Hazards:  None                   

Nearest Public phone:  Creggans Inn  

Mobile Network service: Orange 

Pub:  Creggans Inn New management a great place now.  

CafĂ©:    None                       

Revision:    3  

Created by: John Nicolson                       

Date:   20/5/07                                  

Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos:  By John Nicolson  Utube


Divesite map:


Dive Report:  cloudflint  7/8/11  We went in the water and swam right to the reef then pottered along at around 18 meters then when we hit the end of the reef turned round and pottered back in at around 10m, no hassle! Vis was rubbish till you got to about 10 meters at which point it cleared up remarkably, we reckoned about 10 meters in most places. ALOT of squat lobsters and other small life swimming about. Also saw a massive crab (I estimate about a foot across but i wasn't about to get within grabbing distance to measure it with my knife ) And a few feet away from it what looked like a massive scorpion fish.