Alternative Names: None 

Type of Dive: Shore dive 

Suggested Experience: Sport diver  

Travel directions: Google   Edinburgh:  Google

Parking directions:  On the verge    Google

Distance from Aberdeen: 3 miles 10 mins   Edinburgh:  125 Miles  2 hours 45 mins

Lat & Long: N57.128064 W-2.049669   South of the lighthouse in Aberdeen, at the south end of Nigg bay 

Depth:  15m 

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit:   Its a long walk to the water and the path you follow around the field now has tall concrete blocks making it harder to get to the water. You can cut across the field rather than follow the path (350m).

Underwater directions:    Info to follow

Air & Nitrox fills:   Aberdeen watersports      Splash sports

Site Hazards: Should be avoided in Easterlies due to the swell.         

Nearest Public phone:  Info to follow

Mobile Network service:



Version: 1

Created by:  Finstrokes                      

Date: 7/7/07 

Thanks To:   Poiret, James and Bellbag

Other comments:  A lot of wreckage on this headland, possibly the Ben Tork or the Ben Screel                                  

Surface Photos:

Underwater photos: Contact me

Divesite map:  Contact me

Dive reports:  Bellbag  March 13  I dived it once in 1994 on a calm summer's evening. 46 minutes to 11 metres according to my wee red book. I didn't see any wreckage just crabs 'n' stuff. The access is now harder than it used to be with parking now only on the verge (check google earth). The path you follow around the field now has tall concrete blocks to discourage motorbikes. I'd use a wheelbarrow now if was determined to go down for a guddle again.