Alternative Names:   None

talland bay1

Type of Dive:   Shallow shore dive with the wreckage of the 220-tonne French trawler Marguerite.

Suggested experience:   Novice.

Travel directions:  Google

Parking directions:   In the car park or in brides lane,   Google

Distance from Plymouth:   25 Miles  50 Mins

Lat & Long:    N50.336559    W-4.497421   Post code  PL13 2JA

Tides:  Tide tables  Best dived at at mid to low water as the bay is completly flooded at high tide.

Depth:   10m

Site entry/exit:  Google

Underwater directions:   On main beach swim out on the left side looking in the gullys as they are full of sea life, at the third major gully head east until you find the large boiler of the marguerite.( it can be seen at low tide)  if you swim beyond the wreck the reef drops down to around 15m

Site Hazards:    No major hazards.

Nearest Public phone:   In the Cafe 

Accommodation:     Talland Bay Hotel    Tencreek Holiday park   Camping

Mobile Network service:    Info to follow.

Other comments:   This dive can be found in the book 100 Best Dives in Cornwall by Charles Hood. There are three wrecks here a 220 ton steam trawler called the Margarita, the Austrian brig Ester and a west Indiaman called the Tregothick. 

Pub:    Crumplehorn Inn

Created by:  Finstrokes

Cafe:     Beach Cafe

Air & Nitrox fills:    Looe Divers 

Date:    10/1/11

Revision:    2

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