Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive:   Shore  

Suggested experience:  Any

Distance from Inverness:   95 miles  2hr 30min Along the 838 until you get to the B801 to Kinlochbervie. Follow this through the little hamlets of Achriesgill, Inshegra and Badcall. Finally, as you come down a big hill into Kinlochbervie it is the first turning on the left. Look for the inland loch on your right and the turning is directly opposite this. It is only a small turning beside a white house and easy to miss. Follow this for a few hundred yards when it becomes a track across a stretch of grass beside the little bay.

Parking directions:  On the grass above the rocky beach


Lat & Long: N58.454295  W-5.036389  Google map

Tides:  Tide tables

Depth:  18-20m

Site entry/exit:  Across a rocky beach


Underwater directions:   Swim out keeping to the left following the wall round. As it gets deeper so the kelp disappears (look for bright yellow scorpion fish here) and the rock forms a cliff in places and steep boulder slope in others. These cliffs and many of the large boulders are covered in beautiful loch anemones and a few peacock worms. Pink and white sea squirts are dotted about, as are the odd cup coral. Many different types of sea stars, cushion, spiny, common, and purple and sun and sand stars decorate the rocks and the seabed. Cuckoo wrasse, poor cod and gold sinny weave their way in and out of the rocks and leopard spotted gobies lurk on sandy shelves. As you move along the sandy bottom at the bottom of the rocks it gradually becomes more silty and there are some very large langoustine here. I was lucky enough to see some compass jellyfish on this dive. Four of them were 'hanging' around. Really lovely dive with nice easy parking and entry.

Site Hazards:  None known

Nearest Public phone: 

Accommodation:   Lazy Crofter at durness 01971 511202    Loads of places for wild camping in the general area. 

Mobile Network service: 

Other comments: There are otters here. I spent a lot of time watching one catch fish and take it back to the shore to eat.



Created By:  Jane Wilkinson 

Air & Nitrox fills:  Jimmy Crooks at Lochiner 01571 844 362,  Lazy Crofter at durness 01971 511202  and James Forsyth in Scourie 01971502315.

Date:   August 2012

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