Alternative Names:    Gyllyngvase Beach  Webcam

Type of Dive:  Easy shore dive

Suggested experience:  Novice

Distance from Plymouth:   67 Miles  1hr 45 mins  Google map

Parking directions:   Its best to park as close to the end of Queen Mary Road as possible or in the car park and walk around the path at the end of the gardens and onto the beach.

Lat & Long:  N50.144037  W-5.067219 Post code TR11 4PA

Tides: Tide tables  Best dived at high tide. Weather

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit:  Walk down the beach.

Underwater directions:  Head out to 6m and turn left (east) and follow the reef along and back. or head right and there is a reef the same as the left. If you head straight out there is some sea grass and the chance of seeing thornback rays. The wreck of the Ponus an oil tanker that went down in 03/11/1916 is south of the bay here. All that's left now is some plates that make an interesting place for fish to hide. So if you have an U/W Camera take it as you will get lots of good shots here.

Site Hazards:  No major hazards here except occasional boat traffic so an SMB is required.

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Accommodation:  Falmouth backpackers    Holiday cottages

Mobile Network service:   Most networks work here.

Other comments:  There are public toilets at the far end of the beach and it makes a good place for a family outing. You can also dive Pendennis point not far from here. Also if you have family they could go Sea Kayaking its great fun and they will want to come back.

Pub:  The Front

Created By: Finstrokes

Cafe:   There is a cafe at the far end of the beach.

Air & Nitrox fills: Atlantic scuba   Cornish divers

Date: 15/6/11

Revision:  1

Thanks To:  Atlantic scuba    

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Surface Photos:  Contact me

Underwater Photos: by Atlantic scuba  Utube    Utube

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Dive Map:   Not required here its easy to navigate.

Dive Report:   Contact me