Alternative Names: Kylesku south Ferry slip


Type of Dive: Shore dive and wall.

Suggested experience: Experienced diver

Travel directions:  Google

Parking directions:    At the top of the slip at the booking office/hut   Google

Distance from Inverness: 83 Miles 1 Hr 50 Min's  

Lat & Long: N58.257595 W-5.018204

Tides:  Tide tables  This is a slack water dive and care must be taken not to stay to long as getting out can be a hard swim.

Depth: 40m

Site entry/exit: Enter and exit  the water at the end of the slip...

Underwater directions: Dive to the left of the slip facing the sea, keep the wall on your left shoulder on the way out and on the right on the way back. The bottom of the wall is on 40m so if you a depth junky do it at the start of the dive.

Site Hazards: Depth and currents. A large amout a water passes through this point so the viz is usaully very good but dont get slack water wrong.

Nearest Public phone:  In the Hotel

Accommodation:  Inchnadamph Lodge  The lazy crofter bunkhouse  Kylesku Hotel

Mobile Network service:

Other comments:    Best dived on high slack as exit is easier. If you have not dived here before its best to have have boat cover and drift from the bridge back to the slip.

Pub:  Kylesku Hotel

Created By: John Nicolson

Cafe:  Kylesku Hotel

Air & Nitrox fills:  None close 

Date: 2/1/11

Revision:  2

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Surface Photos:


Underwater Photos: By Jane Wilkinson


Dive Map:  Not Reqd

Dive Report:  McBad 23/1/11  Lovely site; fall off the nice easy concrete ferry slip (care, it can be very slippery with weed) and paddle across shallow area in front of the hotel before descending at the rocky outcrop on the corner, or perhaps go a bit beyond the corner before descending. From here you slide down a spectacular wall covered in huge sun stars, brittle stars and every other sort of life. Apparantly it bottoms out to mud with seapens at approx 40m; I've not been there. If you work your way back towards the slip as you ascend you may find several old car wrecks; the locals used to push their unwanted cars off the ferry, back before the days of the bridge. Toilets on site and a good pub with a nice place to sit outside after the dive.

Dive Map:  Mikey b 8/10/11 Had a lovely dive off the slipway by the hotel, low water and the tide started flooding halfway through the dive so I stuck close to the rocks etc.The rockfaces were covered in Featherstars and some nice Strawberry Anemones,and viz was very good around 10m or so, maybe more.Explored the wrecked cars at 20m which have broken up dramatically since my last dive here a year ago.Lots of huge Ballan Wrasse sheltering around the wreckage,and the mother of all lobsters living in the rear wheelarch of a MK3 Escort (probably the same lobster I caught under the same wheelarch last year then put back). There were masses of Pollack as well, and loads of smaller fish darting about.Lovely dive!