Alternative Names: Portnagh Rock

Type of Dive: Scenic shore dive on a rocky headland.

Suggested experience:  

Travel directions: Head north on the A32 then west on the A35 then R232 then N15  Google

Parking directions: Beside the light house. Google  Kit up here and walk accross the field to the concrete steps.

Distance from Enniskillen:    55 Miles   1 hr 33 mins   

Lat & Long:     N54.56761152   W-8.46004128 

Tides: Tide tables     

Depth: 30m

Site entry/exit:  A good site for trainees follow the road that runs past this house with lobster pots behind it .and you come to a small harbour, this is an excellent place for trainees or a shallow dive. Jump in at the slip and go down on a shallow reef. Follow this out and back.

st johns point1st johns point2

Site entry/exit:  At the lighthouse walk across the field and down the steps enter and exit the water at the bottom of the steps.

Underwater directions: Head out towards the end of the point and back looking in all the cracks for lobster, crab and squat lobster. A lot of the surfaces of the rocks are covered in dead men's fingers and sea urchins.

Or you can snorkel out to the Portnagh Rock (visible at low tide) and descend here. there is a lot of life around Portnagh Rock so its good for photography.

Or go down and straight out until you meet a gulley in the sea bed. Follow this to your left and you will come back up to the wall and into the steps.

Site Hazards: Southerly winds

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Accommodation:  B+B  charlestindal@eircom.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobile Network service:   To Follow

Other comments:    An excellent dive site in good weather with lots of sea life, There is a beach nearby for the kids to play and launch a rib. 

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Created by: Finstrokes


Air & Nitrox fills:  Divindec  Mevagh

Date:    2/1/11

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