Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore dive  

Suggested Experience: Open Water and up

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrocher and over the rest and be thankfull and through Inveraray. Turn leftinto Furnace villageand follow the road till you come to the quarry which is quarterof a mile.  Google

Parking directions: Ask permission from the guys at the site to park on the pier. There is space for up to 15 cars. Remember to keep the place clean and take your rubbish away.


Distance from Glasgow:  71 Miles    1 hr 45 mins        

Lat & Long:N56.09. 088   W5.10.48

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: There are three places to enter / exit the water the first is down the right side of the wooden pier, it’s a steep slope. The second is directly across from the pier. you will see a cleared path down to the water and its a reasonably easy entry / exit. The third is a jump entry at the mouth of the bay (see the pictures below)


Underwater directions: Diving the B200, enter the water on the right of the wooden pier and go straight down the 45deg boulder slope to the bottom and turn right, the wreck is 5 meters away at 43 meters. Diving the bay, enter the water on the right of the wooden pier ( facing the bay ) and go down the 45deg boulder slope to 15meters and turn left and exit on the other side of the bay (long walk back to car) or if you have plenty of gas come back to the entry point. The wall is supposed to be off the point on the far side but cant confirm that yet.

Site Hazards: Fishing line, Exit points, Men at work.

Suggested experience: Suitable  for sport divers

Nearest Public phone: Furnace Village (near the furnace Inn)

Mobile Network service: Orange

Other comments: Good training site for advanced trainees. The ballin wrasse here are very tame and will swim up to your mask expecting to be fed. The cabin of the B200 has collapsed into the hull now.

Air & Nitrox fills:  Aquatron  Splashsports  Loch Fyne dive charters

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Pub: The Furnace Inn ( has a beer garden, an open fire in the bar and good food )                        

Created by: John Nicolson                  

Date: 25/04/07   

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Underwater pics:  Utube



Underwater map: 


Dive reports : John May 07   Started at the side of the pier and went down to the B200 and headed out to the drop off but turned back at about 55m and came back passed the B200 and went round the bay at about 35m. The big boulders here are good for a look under as big fish and congers like to sleep through the day here. Bye the time I got to the faraway point near the fish farm I was in about 25m. I fined back to the pier in less than 10m for a good long decompression. Max depth 55m dive time 135 Min's Dil was 21%

Dive reports : Stew, May 07,   dived at furnace today with davieG. the viz (2-4m) was appalling, the water was thick with green particle down to around 20m. below that it was much better, we did the B200 & had around 6m viz on the wreck. i noticed for the first time that the wheel house has been ripped apart. there is only one side left & a small section of roof with the window glass still in place. have i been narked all this time & never noticed this before or has someone had their crow bar out? pretty sure i have seen all 4 sides on it with the door way, last time i dived it!