Alternative Names: None


Type of Dive: Shore dive 

Suggested experience: sport diver 

Travel directions: At Oban seafront head north on the shore road and leaving oban you will see the ruined castle on bend in the road. 

Parking directions:  There is no parking here so dump the kit in front of the castle at the slip and drive the car round the corner to the bay and park.

From Glasgow: 7 miles  2 hrs 16 Mins   Google

From Edinburgh:122 miles  3 hrs 55 mins Google  

Lat & Long: N56.42286    W5.48419 

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Easy entry into the water down the slip and keep the wall to your right as you head off. Exit round the point in the bay shown below.


Underwater directions: Head north around the bay onto a small 12m cliff  

Site Hazards: Currents heading north making the exit hard  

Nearest Public phone:  Oban

Accommodation: Oban divers

Mobile Network service:   Most networks work here.

Pub: The Oban Inn

Created by: John Nicolson 

Cafe: Spinnaker Cafe

Air & Nitrox fills:  Oban divers  Puffin  

Revision: 1 

Surface Photos: To Follow 

Underwater Photos:

Dive Map: Not required here.

Dive Report: Mikey b 6-9 April 2012  Dropped in on a slight tide just on the corner.I was diving with my recently qualified buddy again and we had a really nice dive over reefs covered in thick colourful Deadmen's Fingers and a few Sunstars and Devon Cup Corals, and lots of Featherstars. Found a huge Tritonia Nudibranch munching on Soft Coral, but the highlight was an Octopus that emerged from its hole and jetted past us, which made my buddys day! Finished the dive at the 10m Kelp-topped wall round in the bay.