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Port Gaverne2

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Scenic shore dive.

Suggested experience: Open water/novice

Travel directions: Port Gaverne is next to port Isaac on the north coast of Cornwall, follow signs to Port Isaac, drive past the car parks to the bottom of the hill, that is Port Gaverne

Parking directions: Parking is limited, there are about 5 spaces on the verge and about 10 on the road.

Port Gaverne1

Lat/Long: 50.594599, -4.825518  Postcode PL29 3SQ

Tides:  Tide tables


From Exeter: 64.8 Miles

Lat & Long: 50° 35.569'N 4° 49.375'W

Site entry/exit: Enter the shore on the right and head out to the Island, no surf unless the wind is North-West or strong West

Port Gaverne3

Underwater directions: Follow north side along until you reach the gulley (Nort-West), the gully is noticeable from the sand from 2 places as there are 2 small gullies running to the main gulley. The main gulley is the gap between the headland and the island. Once through the gully, I always check everyone's air. If you have plenty left you can head anti-clockwise around the island and back along the north side (South-East). You can also dive the south side, it is a series of rocky outcrops and is worth a dive while you're there.

Site Hazards: Port Gaverne is an active fishing port, keep an SMB up and stay close to the North or South sides.

Nearest Public phone: Port Gaverne has a pub with a phone, otherwise Port Isaac

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels & guest houses all around including 2 in Port Gaverne and dozens in Port Isaac.

Mobile Network service: Orange works so do most networks

Pub: 100m from the water Link

Created by: Mark Milburn

Cafe: There was a tea van in Port Gaverne but it appears to be closed now, so Port Isaac has plenty

Air & Nitrox: Newquay or Penryn

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Thanks To: Atlanticscuba  Harlyn dive school

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