Alternative Names: The blow hole

Type of Dive: Shore dive.

Suggested experience: Novice

Travel directions: Google you can reach Abercastle from the St Davids-Fishguard road (A487) via Trefin or Mathry.

Parking directions: There is limited parking owned by the National Trust on the top of the beach, very limited roadside parking and the lane can become crowded in summer.

Distance from Cardiff: 111 miles 2 hrs 20 Min's

Lat & Long: N51.962534 W-5.129682

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: The maximum depth is about 12 metres.

Site entry/exit: Enter and stay on the right hand side of the bay.

Underwater directions: Follow the rocks out and around the point, there are gullies, swim throughs and walls rich with anemones, soft corals and sponges, along with large wrasse, crabs and the odd lobster. There is also a 'blow hole' that can be entered under water. A torch is needed for this, and it shouldn't be attempted if there is a large swell. Around the back of the island in about 8 metres there is a large cave entrance that can't be seen above water. Enter the cave and swim in for about 8 metres, and surface inside the blow hole!

Site Hazards: Boats and swell

Nearest Public phone: phone in the village.

Accommodation: Campsite

Mobile Network service: To Follow

Other comments: Because of boat traffic an SMB is advisable here.

Leysian. Wreck. N51 37`36" W05 07`52" The wreck lies just out of Abercastle on the left hand side, about half way along and 50m out from the cliffs. Depth is around 15m and is 200m from the launch site at Abercastle.

Pub: The Farmers' Arms

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Date: 1/12/10

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