Alternative Names: Roanheads

almanethy creek1

Type of Dive: Shore dive

Suggested Experience: Sport diver

Travel directions: Its right off the old fishing village of Roan Heads

Parking directions: Google

Lat & Long: N57.510118 W-1.772752

Depth: 8m

Tides: Tide tables its a high tide only dive. Magic seaweed

Site entry/exit: You will find remnants of the old harbour, Its just an old wall. enter down the steps and swim out here.

Underwater directions: Almanethy Creek is a narrow gully just North of peterhead harbour. At the end of the gully you swim to the North and follow the wall. You will find a nice wall, with plenty of cracks, gullies and holes that have plenty of fish in them.

Air & Nitrox fills: Aberdeen watersports  

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone: Peterhead

Mobile Network service: Most networks

Pub Harbour lights

Cafe None close to here.

Version: 2

Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 7/7/07

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