Alternative Names: Two Piers


Type of Dive: Shore dive 

Suggested experience: Suitable for trainees upwards 

Travel directions: Take the A82 up Loch Lomond side to Tarbet.  Take the LH fork onto the A83 and pass through Arrochar driving around the head of Loch Long.  Two miles out of Arrochar is an old burnt out pier on your left....just past here is a small pier sitting on its own. 

Parking directions: Park up on the grass at the fence off the main road.  Google

From Glasgow: 29 miles 30 to 45 minutes  

Lat & Long: 56:11:41N   4:45:13W Grid ref....NN292036 

Tides: Tide Tables

Depth: 25m

Site entry/exit: Step down at the concrete blocks and walk down to the water. There is now a metal ladder at the side of the blocks making it easier to get to the waters edge.


Underwater directions: Head off to the left at 45 degrees to your entry. There is first the of the wreckage of an old truck that fell off the end of the pier (chassis and wheels with tyres still on) then, head in the same direction to 15m and then correct your direction to stay at that level, you'll come across a reef rock. Turn to your left and you'll come across a small fishing boat wreck about 20ft long IIRC, just a hull now. Up to you how you return, but if you head for 8-5m you'll know when to stop, at the piers. 

Site Hazards: Fast cars and bikes on A83, Silt can cause poor visibility. 

Nearest Public phone: Phone at entrance to Ardgarten campsite and the Esso petrol station 

Mobile Network service: Orange/vodaphone. 

Other comments: If its busy here you can dive along the road at Conger alley. or Finnart

Pub: The Village Inn

Created by: Jane Wilkinson 

Cafe: Pit Stop Diner  Left after the Arrocher hotel heading north 

Air & Nitrox fills: Aquatron  Splashsports

Date: 24/6/2010  


Thanks To: Dive Tramp for dive info 

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Underwater Photos: Utube

Dive Map: Contact me

Dive Report: Stew 25/1/07  I dived at twin piers today for the first time ever. I was amazed with what I saw, the remains of a wreck, not a bad looking reef, a few congers, lots of fish including wrasse. very dark but the viz was about 5 meters, water temp 10 degrees. might go back with the video camera soon. good training site.