Alternative Names:   None

Type of Dive:  Shore dive

Suggested experience:   Novice upwards

Distance from Glasgow:  130 Miles  3hr 45 min   Google  Take the Corran Ferry and follow the A884 down to Lochaline. A few hundred yards before you get to the centre there is a right hand turning the B849. Follow this for five miles and the parking area is on your left. It is quite clearly marked.

Parking directions:   Picture below

wishing stone1

Lat & Long: N56.549782, W-5.895404 Google map

Tides: Tide tables This dive is probably best done on slack as there can be a fair amount of tide here.

Depth: 20+ Meters

Site entry/exit: Off the rocks below the car park

wishing stone2

Underwater directions:  Swim out over the huge kelp stipes which have snakelocks anemones and a few nudibranch on them and on down a gently sloping seabed of sand and mud covered rocks with dozens of tube anemones on them. Head out to your chosen depth and follow the seabed at that depth coming back slowley ascending to the 6m depth before exiting in the same place you entered.

Site Hazards: Currents

Nearest Public phone:

Accommodation:  The best place to stay when you are diving here is the Loch aline dive centre half way up the sound of Mull. They have air, nitrox, trimix and accommodation also Self catering  Morvern Dive Lodge

Mobile Network service:

Other comments: There are also a few eyelash worms and one or two short peacock worms sticking straight out on the sea bed. There are the usual hermits and harbour crabs and also some langoustine and the odd edible crab. Tiny decorator crabs wave their claws at you, and I also came across a slender and a phosphorescent sea pen. A pleasant dive with quite a lot of small life, just what you would expect with this sort of habitat.

Pub: Lochaline social club

Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Cafe: On the pier the at Lochaline ferry


Air & Nitrox fills: Loch aline dive centre

Date: 1/7/12

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