Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shallow shore dive

Suggested experience: Trainee upwards.

Travel directions: Drive through the village of Veryan Google

Parking directions: Just up from the beach 

west portholland1  

Distance from Exeter: 89 Miles 1Hr 47 Mins

Lat & Long: N50.234401 W-4.864991  Google map

Tides: Tide Tables OK at all states of the tide.


Site entry/exit: Enter the water on the right hand side of the bay (facing the water) and keep to the right.

west portholland2

Underwater directions: Follow the reefs and small gully's as far as your gas allows and retrace your route back into the bay. There are plenty of things to see here.

Site Hazards: No major hazards here.

Nearest Public phone:  


Mobile Network service:

Other comments: 

Pub: None close to here.

Created by: John Nicolson

Cafe: In the summer there is a small cafe providing refreshments and home-made cakes.

Air & Nitrox fills: Atlantic scuba or Cornish diving in Falmouth or  Seaways diving in Penryn.

Date: 5/4/11

Revision: 1

Thanks To: Dave Gould

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