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Alternative Names: Achiltibuie

badentarbet pier2

Type of Dive: Easy shore dive under and around the pier.

Suggested experience: Novice and upward

Distance from Ullapool: 24 Miles 45 Mins Google

Parking directions: Park on the right of the road facing the pier.

badentarbet pier1

Lat & Long: 58.029577,-5.37461

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 8m

Site entry/exit: From the end of the wall walk down the grass onto the rocks along to the bottom of the pier.

Underwater directions: Head round to the right (facing the sea) and back to the pier, looking through all the cracks and gullies.

Site Hazards: Working boats.

Nearest Public phone: Achiltibuie

Accommodation: Youth Hostel

Mobile Network service:

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Pub: None

Created By: John Nicolson

Cafe: None

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic diving services. Tel 01854 622261 Creagard charters

Date: 24/4/11

Revision: 1

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Surface Photos:

Underwater Photos: By Jane Wilkinson

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Dive Map: Not required here.

Dive Report: Geridiver I dived here in 2009 & used the steps on the pier to enter the water, however, what I didn't notice was that the bottom steps were missing which made this a bit awkward at low tide especially as I was by myself.

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