Alternative Names: None

bay of clachtoll1

Type of Dive: Shallow scenic shore dive

Suggested experience: All Levels

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: Head into Clachtoll, keeping an eye out for the Clachtoll Beach Campsite on the west side of the road. Follow the signpost directing you along a narrow road through the campsite to a car park next to the Clachtoll Ranger Hut. Google

Distance from Inverness: 91 miles 2hrs 8 mins

Lat & Long: N58.187314, W-5.33854

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Follow the path down to the beach and make your way around to the south side of the bay. Enter beside the rocks

Underwater directions: Keep the rocks on your left and follow them around the side of the bay. Return the same way. Shallow site, taking a long time to get any depth. Abundance of life on the sides of the rock, kelp forest on top.

Site Hazards: Wave action on entry/exit

Nearest Public phone None close


Mobile Network service: To Follow

Other comments: The headlands either side of the bay looked interesting with potential for greater depth. Bit of walk to get to entry point.


Created by: Nathan Jeffery

Cafe: None close

Air & Nitrox fills: Jimmy Crooks in Lochinver has a compressor and is happy to fill tanks by prior arrangement

Date: 31/1/11

Revision: 1

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Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos: By Nathan Jeffery

bay of clachtoll2bay of clachtoll4

bay of clachtoll3 

Dive Map: Not required.

Dive Report: 18/11/10 12m+ vis. Took a while to get some depth, but then an abundance of life on the rocks. Velvet swimming crabs, anemone in a variety of different colours, sea squirts. Kelp covered rocks became covered in dead man fingers. In the 6 to 8 m mark, huge number of nudibranch. Dive cut short before we got to the headland due to major drysuit leak.