Alternative Names: None 

catterline island3

Type of Dive: Shore dive 

Suggested experience: Sport / novice 

Travel directions: A92 6 miles South of Stonehaven Google

Parking directions:   No problems at the harbour plenty room Google

Distance from Stonehaven: 6 Miles 12 Mins Edinburgh: 112 miles  2 hrs 30 mins

Lat & Long: N56 53.529 W2 12.668 

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit:  To the harbour side of the big rock, natural sort of gully to follow. Better than swimming out from the pier end.

catterline island2

Underwater directions: As dive map 

Site Hazards: Tide as marked, dive and creel boats Tide tables 

Nearest Public phone:  In the village 

Mobile Network service:  None at the harbour but mobile at the village "high ground" 

Pub: Creel Inn Creel Inn is good, but pricey

Created By: Gavin Barnett  


Air & Nitrox fills: Aberdeen watersports  Splash sports

Date: Dec 2008

Revision: 2

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Underwater Photos:

Dive Map:

catterline island1

Dive Report: Dolphins if your lucky, Seals, Lobsters & Crabs in the rock cracks. Wrasse a plenty. Hard pebble stone bottom as beach. Some sand before the tide corner. All in all a nice wee splash. I have dived this solo many times in the summer months. Early morning is my favorite time followed by a can of cold lager......... Get there before the crowds. 

Dive Report:  Kinnell 17/12/2009 Dived this site many times. The island is further away than you think. I tend to surface swim out if I can be arsed. Plenty to see and the vis is usually quite good. Often see seals if you like that sort of thing (personally I've got better things to do on a dive than be sexually assaulted by an aquatic dog). You can have just as good a dive staying close to shore as long as it's high tide. Low tide I'd be heading out to the island. 

Dive Report: Yogi  16/1/11   If you are in the area, it's worth a crack at high tide. But it's a long surface swim for what is really a mediocre dive. I've found it best to surface swim out, then make sure of my bearing and return underwater. It's a long way but just 5 or 6 metres deep so you don't have any safety stops to worry about.