Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Good little scenic dive off the remains of the Pier.

Suggested experience: Novice upwards

Distance from Kyle of loch alsh: 45 Miles 1 Hr 20 Mins Google

Parking directions: Park on the right facing the pier..

Lat & Long: N57.372744,W-5.810625

Tides: Tide tables Best dive at High tide.

Depth: Up to 30m

Site entry/exit: Easy entry down the left side of the jetty at High Water or there is a path leading in about 100 M North which is accessible at all states. It just means lugging the kit a bit further, then a shallow 100m at the start/end of the dive.

Underwater directions: Keep the wall on your right and head South. There is a fair bit of life on the wall with literally hundreds of Spider Crabs. The wall peters out past the jetty and becomes a sandy, silty slope down to about 30 metres but scallops are a possibility. We didn't see much else in the silt other than a small Nudi.

Alternatively, cross to the East side where there is a more dramatic wall when you head South beyond the Jetty. We only went down to 24m due to my buddy’s air but we were not at the bottom

Site Hazards:  Slippy rocks at low – mid tide. Otherwise the site is suitable for training. No currents experienced on several dives between Low water and final dive one hour before HW

Nearest Public phone: Red phone box half a mile back from the pier.Google

Accommodation: Wild camping and  Lochcarron Hotel Glen Uig Inn  Castle cottage B+B B&B

Mobile Network service: Vodafone worked fine

Other comments: Quite a trek but, if you are in the area, it's well worth the effort

Pub: Lochcarron Hotel  Glen Uig Inn  Applecross Inn

Created By: Steve Nicholson (Yogi)

Cafe: Waterside cafe 

Air & Nitrox fills: 5 Bells

Date: 3/5/11

Revision: 1

Thanks To: Yogi

Links: None

Surface Photos:

Underwater Photos: By Steve Nicholson and Chris Knight.

Dive Map: Not required for here

Dive Report: