Alternative Names: The Walls

devils point1

Type of Dive:  Wall dive, Drift dive 

Suggested experience: Sport diver 

Travel directions: Plymouth - A374 west, turn left into Dunforth st, At the end of the road it turns right and changes name to Admiralty rd.  

Parking directions: Park in the car park at the end of Admiralty Rd Google

Lat & Long: N50 21.586,W4 10.042  SX 460 533 

Tides:  Tide tables The ideal time to dive is about 30 minutes before high tide 

Depth: 35m   

Site entry/exit: Walk a hundred meters from the car park until you reach the steps down to the entry  point.   360 deg View

Underwater directions: You do a jump entry keeping the wall to your right into 33m of water. At this point you risk entanglement as lots of anglers use the same platform you have jumped from. Lets not forget that the biggest shore caught conger was here. So your in the water safely and keeping your distance from the wall make your way north"wall on the right" you have 33m to play in here but the best life is around 26m at this point. Lots of small ledges hiding large lobsters and congers. Following the wall you will notice it changes to a shear rock face now the bottom is at 40m and there are lots of hiding places for critters of all manner of descriptions. If your air consumption is good you will make it to some large overhangs spreading across maybe five metres and up three metres inside you will find the largest of lobsters. Keep going now as the wall goes in and out and around. Now you hit the jack pot a massive overhang/cavern the top is at 32m and the bottom is at 40 metres and is about 10 m long and 4m deep into the rock face. I can't describe what a site this is in great viz. the bottom is now at 45m. As during the war the royal william yard was bombed one missed went into the river causing a big crater and the overhang we have just talked about. you can follow the wall further if you like but it disappears past the standing stones. To be honest there is nothing else to see just a mooring block. So we turn around wall now on our left and we make are slow ascent . 35m 30m still plenty of overhangs 20m 15m still lots to see. Now at 7 metres you reach the royal william yard wall so follow this keep a depth of 6m great way to do your stops and you never know what you will find as people will throw anything away. Also there are normally plenty of lobsters out and about here. There is a point were you leave the wall and continue at the said depth as if not you will swim around the small basin that is there. You will know this point as bottom changes to kelp and fishing line so your close to the platform and the fishermen. At this point change your depth to 3m so you hit the steps to get out any deeper you will swim right past them and you will struggle to get back. Once at the steps you are able to remove your fins underwater using the rail and walk out safely and looking very cool indeed.  Link

Site Hazards: Must be dived slack or you can get caught in the busy waterway of the Tamar but ideally entry time about 30 minutes before high tide  

Nearest Public phone: 

Accommodation: Visit Plymouth   01752 304849

Mobile Network service: To Follow 

Other comments: Clearance to dive Devil’s Point should be sought from the Long Room. Tel No 01752 663225. 

Pub: Butchers Arms 

Created by: Contaylor 


Air & Nitrox fills:  Aquanauts  Sandford and Down

Date: 5/3/10 


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