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Alternative Names: Fisherman’s point

Type of Dive: Deep dark shore dive on a 45 deg slope.

Suggested experience: Experienced sport diver.

Travel directions: On the M8 heading west across the Erskin bridge onto the A82 turn left onto the Glen Fruin road over to loch long and look for the walled lay by 700m past the Glen Douglas road junction. Google There is room for 4 cars in total using both spots.

Parking directions: In the walled  lay-by on the lochside (see picture below)  Or in the other lay bye, 20m north of the picture Google


Distance from Glasgow: 45 Miles  1 hr 10 Min's

Lat & Long:  N56° 9' 53.70'' W4° 47' 16.61''

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 32m

Site entry/exit: Step over the barrier ( 173 marked in yellow paint on the barrier ) and walk down the path to the shore. Enter the water at the flat rocks with two big rocks to your left.

Craggen site entry/exitCraggen site entry/exit

Underwater directions:  Head down to the left (south 45 deg) and you hit a boulder reef at 20m, it stops at 32m and its not a big reef so go to your chosen depth and  zig-zag up it, and head back up at 45 deg to the shore past the anchor and exit in the same place. If you are night diving here you can leave a strobe on the shore. The boulders here are like the caves covered in pink and white plumose anemone's, sea urchins, dead men's fingers, Firework anemone's and sea loch anemone's. 

Site Hazards: Stepping over the barrier, Fast cars, slippy rocks at the entry point, sometimes finding the exit point.

Nearest Public phone:  At the pit stop diner in Arrochar. 

Accommodation: Ardgartan Caravan & Camping Site

Mobile Network service: Orange, Vodaphone

Other comments: A good dive light is needed here (and a backup)

Pub: The Village Inn Arrochar

Created by: John Nicolson

Cafe: Pit stop diner

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

Date: 17/12/10

Revision:  2

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Surface Photos: John Nicolson

Underwater Photos:  John Nicolson

Sea squirtsDogfish

Dive Map: To follow

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