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Cregan bridge

Alternative Names: Creagan narrows.

Type of Dive: Drift during spring tides otherwise a shallow, fairly easy dive with a little current in Loch Creran.

Suggested experience: Experienced trainee and above

Travel directions: From Connel head to Fort William, when you come to the roundabout at the bridge follow the sign for local traffic which takes you around and under the bridge. Just past the bridge, you will see the lay-by.

Parking directions: Park in the lay-by just past the bridge there is space for about 3 cars. There is also a lay-by on the other side of the bridge which could be used if the main one was full or you are diving on a flooding tide.

Cregan bridge parkingCregan bridge

Distance from Oban: 15 Miles  25 Mins Google map

Lat & Long: N56.546934,W-5.28864 Postcode PA35 1JT  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 8 meters max

Site entry/exit: Enter from gravel beach and exit at the same point if diving on slack water or enter from the other side of the bridge if diving on a flooding tide.

Cregan bridge entry/exitCregan bridge entry/exit

Underwater directions: Enter from the beach and swim left to seaward and follow the shore along. Its shallow enough that on most days you will be able to see the bridge above you when you are below it. When you get to the bridge follow it along to the opposite bank and turn right to start heading inland then you can start swimming over to the opposite bank back to your entry point. If you get swept inland past your original entry point it’s fairly easy to get out the water on the Oban side of the loch. Alternately with boat cover, you could go in and just drift along then get picked up by boat.  

Air & Nitrox: Puffin

Site Hazards:  Fast current at certain tides and up and down currents in between the supports at full flood. 

Nearest Public phone: Unknown 

Mobile Network service: Vodaphone T-mobile and Orange works 

Accommodation: Camping    Creran Chalets

Other comments: The first thing to remember about this site is that the current can get very strong. I have often heard the site described as being a “mini falls of lora”. If you dive it during slack water or neap tides the current is quite manageable and it’s easy to swim against but be prepared and make sure you dive it on a rising tide so if you get into trouble you are taken inland rather than being dragged out into the Atlantic! 

Pub: Pub at Corran 

Cafe: Unknown 


Thanks To:  Darren Martin and Mark Berrie

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Date:15th February 2011 

Created by: Jake 

Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos: By Darren Martin and Mark Berrie.  Utube

Cregan bridgeCregan bridgeCregan bridgeCregan bridge

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