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Alternative Names: Helford River VSAC

Type of Dive: Reef/Estuary Shore Dive

Suggested Experience: Novice

Travel directions from Falmouth:  Google    5.6 miles 16 mins

Parking directions: Drop the kit at the shore and park at the top of the hill at Bosveal. 

Lat & Long: 50°06'13.1"N 5°06'56.4"W    Google map  Postcode  TR11 5JT

Tides: Tide Tables Must be dived close to slack water (1 hr after high or low)

Depth: 8m max

Site entry/exit: Easy entry from the shore

Underwater directions: At low tide start swimming west, at high tide start by swimming east and explore the sea grass that grows only a 100 yards from the edge of the water let the turning tide bring you back.

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic Scuba

Site Hazards: Site is within the moorings, avoid high season, use an SMB

Nearest Public phone: Mawnan Smith

Mobile Network service: Very Little.

Other comments: The Helford is a shipping passage so use an SMB at all times and to avoid going out too far into the shipping lane. You might be lucky and see seahorses here. From Durgan swimming towards Grebe there are large Sea Grass beds which are full of life. Sea Hare nudibranchs can be found in abundance as well as cuttlefish. It's a macro photographers dream.

Pub: Red Lion, Mawnan Smith


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Thanks To:  Atlantic Scuba


Created by: Mark Milburn

Date:  29/9/14

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