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Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Shore dive, and old wooden wreck.

Suggested experience: Suitable for trainees and qualified divers (can be less than 20m)

Travel directions:  Leaving Glasgow on the M8 cross the Erskin bridge onto the A82 and turn left at Crianlarich staying on the A82. At Tyndrum bear to the right still on the A82 over Rannoch Moor into Glencoe. Turn right after crossing the Ballachulish bridge onto the B863 and past the Loch Leven Hotel and the old cemetery with a loop in the road across from it and this is the car park area. Google map

Parking directions:  The Car Park Area has room for more than 10 cars. Google

Old cemetery 1 car parking

From Glasgow: 79 miles – about 1 hour 55 Min's  

Lat & Long:  N56 42.139  W5 4.107 

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Very easy access, just walk down to the shore from the picnic site, be careful as it's a bit slippy when wet.

Old cemetery 1 entry/exit

Underwater directions:  Swim out at about 30degrees to the East (left) of your entry point (the coarse gravel to the left of the wee stream, that's on your right) and drop to 4-5m and you'll find the wee wreck. A swim/dive further out, left or right and you'll find more bits and pieces of wreck associated with the wee wreck. There are some carved/ chiselled stone beams to the right of the immediate area of the timber, these might have been cargo. They are quite big. At this depth (15-18m depending on the tide) there is a field of Phosphorescent sea pens Exit can be afforded pretty much anywhere along the shore except midway, but it's only a short surface swim either way. 

Site Hazards:  

Nearest Public phone: Loch Leven Hotel. 

Accommodation:  Red Squirrel  Caolasnacon campsite

Mobile Network service: O2 works fine 

Other comments: Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page to let other divers know what its like to dive here.

Pub: In Glencoe village 

Created By: Darryl Mayer

Cafe: Glencoe village 

Air & Nitrox: Loch aline dive centre  Puffin           

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Surface Photos: Darryl Mayer

Underwater Photos:  Darryl Mayer   Utube


Spider crabold cemetry 1 6

Dive Report: Christine 14/2/11  known as The Old Cemetery site, is easy enough to find and the wreck, or what is left of a small sailing skiff, lies on the bolder slope between 4 and 7m. Just enter a little left of the burn below the picnic benches, head straight out and when you get to 5m turn left and continue along that contour. You will find the wreck within 5 minutes. We missed it first time finding a group of large worked stones further out at 12m.

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