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Old Swimming Pool

Alternative Names:   Coral Canyon, Craig en Gelt,

Type of Dive: Good shore dive in the rocks and gullies near the old swimming pool.

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions.

Travel directions: From the A1 travelling south at a roundabout marked (Dunbar A1087) turn left for the A199 then to next roundabout and turn right for the A1087 through West Barns and in Dunbar turn left into Marine road and continue to the end. From Edinburgh 30m and 40 mins.

Parking directions: Park at the end of Marine road.

Old Swimming Pool parking

Lat & Long: 56.006658, -2.526967  Postcode EH42 1AR  Google  

Tides: Tide tables  

Depth: 15m

Site entry/exit: There are a lot of steps from the road down to the shoreline then enter the water on the east or west of the main rock and exit at the other side.

Old Swimming Pool entry/exit

Underwater directions: There is a fantastic system of gullies all along the reefs seaward side, as well as some on the shore side. On the north-west side of the reef you'll come across a break in the reef, called coral canyon, around the back of this there is a large hollow at 15mtrs.

Air & Nitrox: Edinburgh dive centre   FYM

Site Hazards: Swells with a Northeast wind.

Nearest Public phone: Dunbar

Mobile Network service: Most work here.


Other comments: This dive site is very exposed so its best done after a week's calm weather.

Pub:  The rocks

Cafe: Probably on Dunbar high street and certainly takeaways there open till at least 11 pm  

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Thanks To: MUSAC   

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Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 24/5/18

Surface Photos: John Nicolson

Underwater Photos:  Contact me

Dive sitemap: 

Old Swimming Pool dive map

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