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Alternative Names: Silver Steps, The U-Boats

Type of Dive: Shore wreck dive.

Suggested experience: Open Water 

Travel directions: Travel through Falmouth, take the road to the docks. Drive past the docks around Pendennis Castle, go past the car park a few hundred metres until you see a layby on the left.      

Parking directions: Park in the layby as close to the start of the layby as possible. Google

Pendennis point car parking

From Plymouth: 68 Miles  1 hr 48 mins

Lat & Long: 50.146294, -5.050410 Postcode TR11 4LP  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit:  A few metres from the bottom of the layby in front of where you park are some granite steps leading down to the rocks. The rocks are fairly easy to cross and slope into the water.

Pendennis point path to the seaPendennis point path to the sea

Pendennis point entry/exit

Underwater directions:  To see the U-boats you need to go left, roughly northeast. The biggest piece is in a direct line of sight from the second set of steps. A bit further along there is a gully with a small cave at the end.

Site Hazards: Boat traffic in summer increases 

Nearest Public phone: Along the seafront about 800m 

Accommodation: Falmouth has plenty of hotels within 1m of the site 

Mobile Network service: All work here 

Other comments: 2nd most popular dive in Cornwall. The U-boats that sank here were the UB86 and UB112,

Pub: There are some pubs around, the most popular is the Chain Locker about 1 mile away by Customs House Quay 

Created by: Mark Milburn 

Cafe: Ice creams and cold drinks available at the car park, there are plenty of cafes in Falmouth 

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic scuba  Cornwall divers in Falmouth or Seaways dive centre in Penryn. 


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Pendennis point Uboat wreckage

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