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Port Quin

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: A gentle shore dive

Suggested experience: Novice

Distance from Plymouth: 45 Miles 1 Hr 20 mins Bristol: 147 Miles 3 Hrs

Parking directions: There is a small free (donation if you're feeling generous) national trust car park, with a couple of benches and tables to the side. Google

Lat & Long: 50.590341,-4.871213  Postcode PL29 3SU

Tides: Tide tables It's also protected from SW winds.

Depth: 15m

Site entry/exit: A 50m walk and you are on the slip, at high tide the water is on the slip, but being a shore dive leaves you a long swim to get any depth. 

Underwater directions: On both sides, there are reefs with some life. From the slip to the mouth of the cove it's around 400m, the beach has either a rocky entrance at HW or sand at LW, so LW a shorter swim, long walk. Across the entrance of the cove is a large reef with quite a lot of life. If you go south you have a wall dive getting to about 15m HW, with a few gullies around the corner and if you swim far enough and the sand is low, there are the remains of a fishing boat in a small cave. If you go north, there is a large reef, again with gullies and quite a bit of life.

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone:

Accommodation: Scarrabine Farmhouse +44 (0)1208 880 280

Mobile Network service: No mobile signal.

Other comments: If you are feeling fit, or have a DPV, another 200m out the is the Cow & Calf. I dived this a few weeks ago from my boat, after following the edge of the reef around, it took 69 minutes to get 3/4 of the way around. The side closest to the land has huge boulders and big recess's for fish to hide

Pub: Port Isaac

Created By: Mark Milburn

Cafe: Port Isaac

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic Scuba

Date: 11/6/11

Revision: 1

Thanks To: Atlantic Scuba


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