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Queenie Reef

Alternative name: Thirteen Steps

Type of Dive: Shore dive on a reef in Loch Creran. This is a special area of conservation

Suggested experience: Novice upwards

Travel directions: From South, head for Oban, follow Google

Parking directions: In the layby. 

Distance from Glasgow: 102 Miles 2hrs 21mins

Lat & Long:  56.546126, -5.280055  Google

Tides:  Tide tables

Depth: 20m

Site entry/exit: Easy entry down a stone beach  Utube

Queenie Reef shore access

Underwater directions: If you set off from the streambed (that the 13 steps lead down to) and head directly for the white house on the far side you’ll be on the right tracks to find the big reef/walled rock on your right (as you’re heading out) and then you’ll drop down into a sandy silty hollow (if you haven’t been blown off course by the tidal flow, watch your compass) and we found 24m and a few rocky outcrops along the way. There not much else out there so a quick turnaround and you’ll come back to the huge rock /wall area. It’s full of all the small life.

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone:

Accommodation: Seabank farmhouse Oban… Corran House SYHA

Mobile Network service: O2 Vodaphone T-mobile and Orange works

Other comments: There are tube worms called Serpum Vermiscula, that only occur in reefs here in Loch Creran. Care must be taken not to disturb the tube worms in any way.

Pub: Creagan Inn

Created by: Sarah Conner

Café: None close to here.

Air & Nitrox: Puffin Oban divers

Date: 16/12/10

Revision: 2

Thanks To:

Surface Photos By Sarah Conner

U/Water Photos: By Sarah Conner

Tube wormsPlumose anemone

Thornback ray

Dive Map:

Queenie reef dive map

Dive Report: Jo Rawley Very nice fireworks anemones, usually plenty of dogfish and the remains of the ‘housing experiment’ are to be found too.

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