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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: The Royal Adelaide was a 1500 ton steel sailing ship blown onto the beach in November 1872. and she was carrying a general cargo including casks of rum, brandy and gin.

Suggested experience: Strong sport diver.

Parking directions: Park in the car park next to the Chesil Beach Centre. Google map

Distance from Weymouth: 10 mins 2.6 Miles

Lat & Long: 50 34.65N -02 28.50W Postcode DT4 9XE  Google wreck position

Tides:  Tide tables The best time to dive the Royal Adelaide is slack water which is 2 hours after HW Portland. The tide is parallel to the shore here.

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit: From the cafe, walk straight to the top of the beach and find a red stone block. Walk about 40 paces North and go directly to the water. The most reliable way to hit the wreck is to follow the seabed on a compass bearing. It's a tough walk so carry as little weight as possible.

Underwater directions: The Adelaide lies about 90 metres from the shore, at the edge of the pebbles If the seabed starts to undulate you've gone too far so head back to the shore.

Site Hazards: The walk over the stones to the water's edge, swell and exiting the water up the pebble slope.

Nearest Public phone: 300 m on the left as you go towards Weymouth

Accommodation: The Aqua Cottage Ferrybridge Inn or Weymouth tourist information, 01305 785747.

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Other comments: In September till October, you can see tame triggerfish around the wreck which swim towards divers and is a great shot for the Photographer. Carry as little weight as possible, a 10 or 12-litre cylinder is enough to dive here. There are toilets here.

Pub: Ferrybridge Inn

Created By: Yvonne Barnicoat

Cafe: Quiddles Cafe

Air & Nitrox: Fathom and Blues  Scimitardiving

Date: 17/06/11

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Royal AdelaideCuttlefish

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