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Torpedo station entry/exit

Alternative Names: Torpedo Station/pier, Ardgartan Loch Long Google map

Type of Dive: Silty slope around the pier

Suggested experience: Suitable for trainees

Distance from Glasgow: 25.4 miles, 30 to 45 minutes  Take the A82 up Loch Lomond side to Tarbet. Take the LH fork onto the A83 and pass through Arrochar driving around the head of Loch Long. Take the first left before twin piers dive site down a little road to a parking spot.

Parking directions:  Park at the side of the road next to wire fence before abandoned houses, the pier is visible through trees. Leave plenty of space for passing cars.

Lat & Long:  56:11:784N   04:45:968W

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 15m +

Site entry/exit: Entry point is just through the trees next to parking spot (be careful as it’s very slippy!!) enter/exit the water at the side of the metal fence that enters the water at muscle beds.

Underwater directions: This dive is best done at high tide. From the entry point fin round in a circle to meet the end of the pier, take your time as there is a fair amount of marine life to see if you look closely for it. This site has lots of old jars, bottles, shoes, corrugated roof panels, gloves, car tyres and general wreckage from the pier.

Site Hazards: Viz can be poor.

Nearest Public phone: Arrochar

Accommodation: B&B’s in Arrochar

Mobile Network service: Orange, Vodaphone

Other comments:

Pub: The Village Inn

Created by: Peter Gunn

Cafe:  Petrol station  Pitstop diner

Air & Nitrox fills: Aquatron  Splashsports

Date: 08.05.11

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Torpedoes

Link: Link

Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos: UTube

StarfishTorpedo station wreckage 


Dive Map:   Not required

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