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Beech hill

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Three wrecks in one dive, fresh water, Windermere lake.

Suggested Experience: Novice with good buoyancy.

Travel directions: Located on the east shore of Windermere it's about two miles south of Bowness on the A592.

Parking directions: Travelling from the north on the A592, pass the Beech Hill Hotel and turn right into the pay and display car park. Google

Lat & Long: 54.321685, -2.942092 Postcode LA23 3LR  Google

Tides: None

Depth: Up to 30m. 

Site entry/exit: Access to the dive site is via 111 steep steps down to the beach.

Beech hill entry/exit

Underwater directions: There are three small wrecks at this site, enter the water and three meters from the shore there is a drop-off, travel north past the hotel jetties on your right (see pic above) a work boat at 17m looking out for the old jetties that had been ditched in the lake. Or head south from the beach and there is the Fair Dinkum at 12m about 8 minutes swim also past the Fair dinkum is a small power boat a further 50m south.

Air & Nitrox: Capernwray   Blackpool Area Divers   Fins  also contact KALSAC, Kendal & Lakes BSAC

Site Hazards: Silt depth and darkness.

Nearest Public phone: There are no public phones in this area.

Mobile Network service: O2 & Voda ok

Accommodation: Summerhill holiday park   Pine Tops

Other comments: Good Buoyancy and finning technique needed here so you don't kick up the silt and destroy the already low visibility. You can also dive the Vospa onthe other side of the lake. There are public toilets by the car park.

Pub: There are no pubs in this area.

Cafe: There are no cafes in this area.

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Created by: Steve Mitchell, Kenny Gresty

Date: 20/4/18

Surface Photos: Steve Mitchell

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