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Alternative Names: Bishop’s Hill Nature Reserve

Type of Dive: Lake, you need permission from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Blue Pool is on the site of the former Harbury Cement Works that is made up of
several Blue Lias limestone quarries. The rock is a sequence of limestones and shales laid down in the Jurassic period and rich in fossils. In 1927 and 1928 the
remains of an Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur were discovered in the quarries and are now exhibited in the Natural History Museum

Suggested Experience: Sports Diver, or above

Travel directions: M40 Southam CV47 2QX  Head north-east on Gaydon Rd/B4451 (2.9 mi), turn right onto Ropeway (299 ft), turn right onto Blue Pool
Vale, destination will be on the right

Parking directions: Access gate off Ladbroke Rd, Bishops Itchington, CV47 2RW. Access to the pool is via a 5-minute walk from where the cars are parked to the poolside.

Lat & Long: 52.226157, -1.430129 Google map  Post code CV47 2RU

Tides None

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit:

Underwater directions: A clockwise swim followed by a trip to the centre will usually show all the sights.

Air & Nitrox: Andy @ Diving Cylinder Regulator Services, 148 Coventry Rd, London, Warwick CV34 5HL, Tel07977 410748

Site Hazards: Some old quarry debris

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service:


Other comments: No facilities on site. Toilets at the Butchers Arms pub, and food from Co-op on Chapel Street close to the site. Divers should bring own
lunch, water, flask of tea/coffee, and arrive in their undersuits to avoid changing in public as a courtesy to local residents.


Cafe: The Blue Pool Nature Reserve & Tearoom

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Created by: Steve Delaney

Date: 19/1/22

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