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Cawfields quarry

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Freshwater quarry where you can see perch and stickleback.

Suggested Experience: Novice with good buoyancy control.

Travel directions: From Carlisle east on the A689 onto the A69 its 24miles 36 mins and from Newcastle West on the A69 its 38 miles 1 hr.

Parking directions: There is a large carpark beside the water. 

Cawfields quarry car park

Lat & Long:  54.993229, -2.448405 Postcode NE49 9PJ  Google map

Depth: 6m

Site entry/exit: Its an easy 30m walk from the car park to the water.

Cawfields quarry entry/exit

Underwater directions: Follow the edge of the quarry and back or use a compass course.

Air & Nitrox: Deep blue    Aquanorth

Site Hazards: Cold and silt.

Nearest Public phone: 

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation:  CAMPING & CARAVAN SITE   YHA

Other comments: There is a public toilet in the car park and remember you need permission from the parks authority every time you dive here. This quarry has been used for ice diving courses when it gets cold enough. Contact      For a permit to dive

Cawfields quarry toilets

Pub:  Milecastle Inn


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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 29/3/19

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