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Fron quarry

Alternative Names: Fron slate quarry

Type of Dive: Fron quarry is a quarry dive that is not easy to get to so not dived as often as other quarries 

Suggested experience: Qualified to 40m in cold water.

Travel directions: Signposted Fron and Rhostryfan Google The last part is a track and you will need a good ground clearance or a 4x4 to get up it. Don't even think of coming here in a normal car.

Parking directions: Near the end of the track is a hill and park just over the hill.

Distance from Birmingham: 139 Miles 3hrs

Lat & Long: N 53 4.410 W 4 13.440 Google map

Depth: 38m

Site entry/exit: You have to scramble down a 100m long slippy rocky path, a rope is a good idea for this as it is very steep.

Underwater directions: Its a small quarry so just explore and surface fin back to the entry point when you have finished your dive. Its a better dive in the winter when the viz is better and the path is not wet.

Air & Nitrox: Vivian dive centre

Site Hazards: Access, Cold, Depth, Altitude, Silt.

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: None local to here.

Other comments: There are old cars and debris and a blue Buoy at the hut 22m. The best vis normally in the Winter / early Spring. This quarry is at an altitude of 320m so this dive should be treated as an altitude dive.

Pub: None near here.

Cafe: None near here so take everything you need (hot flask of soup)

Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 27/12/10

Revision: 2

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