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Alternative Names: Rheola Lakes

Type of Dive: Lake, you need permission from owners and a ‘code’ for the locked gate:Tel 07970722744 There are two lakes at the site, one for powerboating and one for quieter activities (such as diving!). The smaller lake isn’t huge but ok size for a number of divers. Not much depth but good for practice. Not a pleasure dive, there needs to be a purpose. The lakes were created as they were dug out for rock to build the heads of the valleys road and have naturally filled up over time, due to that there’s no fish life although plenty of plants. Adding some fish would be quite nice and would draw in some additional money from fishermen, although there were some kids fishing the bigger lake so I guess that there’s probably some in there.

Suggested Experience: Ocean Diver, or above

Travel directions: From the A465 round-a-bout (McDonald SA11 5NZ), head west towards B4242 for 0.1 mi, turn left onto B4242 after 0.2 mi, turn left
after the layby onto a rough road that eventually takes you over a small humpback bridge and under the A465, Keep following until you arrive at a locked gate


Parking directions: Parking is right up against the water.

Lat & Long: 51.727571, -3.663540  Google map   Postcode 

Tides  None

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit: Easy entry/exit from the grass simply walk into the water.


Underwater directions: There are a few small boats, a training platform, and some minor objects to explore. Most are near the entry/exit

Air & Nitrox: Bristol channel diving services

Site Hazards: 

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.


Other comments: The water is often very clear with good visibility, although if you knocked the bottom lots of suspended matter would be sent upwards and take a while to settle. No facilities on site. Divers should bring their own lunch, water, a flask of tea/coffee.


Cafe: None

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Created by: Steve Delaney

Date: 19/1/22

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Underwater photos: By Steve Delaney


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