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River Tay Bridges

Alternative Names:  none

Type of Dive:  River Tay Bridges in Perth is a River, drift dive between the Smeaton's Bridge and the Queens Bridge.

Suggested experience:  Experienced novice for SCUBA, Any experience for snorkelling.

Distance from Perth:    0 miles.

Parking directions: You can park at the fitness centre (Parking at point 1) or down by the wee island (Parking at point 2)

River Tay BridgesRiver Tay Bridges

Lat & Long:   N56.396116, W-3.424644 Postcode PH2 7EY  Google

Tides:  None

Depth:  4m-5m

Site entry/exit:  

Point 1.     Go across the new road bridge heading out of Perth and take a left, then immediately take the off-road left down to the end. You can then walk down into the river. And head either upstream into a large pool below the old bridge which has very little current or downstream to head into the main river.

Point 2.     Park in the car park for the fitness centre by taking the new road bridge out of Perth, go right, then right again. It is a council car park so is free after 6 pm and on Sundays. Walk through the park and down to the causeway where you can either head upstream to enter the main river or downstream to enter a large pool area which has no current.

Underwater directions:  There are a few Sections of the river I like to go to.

Underwater directions at point 1   Heading upstream leads you into a large pool which doesn't have much current. The only exits from this pool are over very shallow areas either out towards the main river (I have dived down these but they are very dangerous as there is a strong current and a drop and large rocks which will bash you) or straight downstream over a very shallow area which is out the water at low tide. You can get out of this pool to the main river by walking across the wee island to bypass the rapids, you can then float down the main river a bit then just get out and walk back to your entry point.

Underwater directions at point 2   Heading downstream to a large pool which is fairly isolated and reaches a depth of about 4 meters. There tends to be no current in here (provided the water is below the level of the causeway) and I suspect it would make a good little training area. Alternatively, you can go upstream hugging the east bank to go upstream which will actually cause you to be pushed up the river by a gentle current. You can then go out into the middle of the river and drift back down to your starting point.

Air & Nitrox:  Dive Bunker Burntisland. Splash Sports Dundee

Site Hazards:  Strong current at times, I've found you tend to be better diving at low tide since it isolates a lot of the pools and makes it shallower which makes it easier to get onto land if you get in trouble. Also be aware parts of the river can shift and you get debris scattered about the bottom in places.  It is probably a good idea to have someone on the shore to keep an eye out if you are in SCUBA kit. Many trees get washed down the river and get caught up in the flora on the banks and on submerged trees and large rocks on the bottom. 

Nearest Public phone:  None close.

Mobile Network service:    Vodaphone works fine.

Accommodation:  lots of hotels in Perth.

Other comments:  This is a great snorkelling site. I have seen, trout, salmon, flatfish, lamprey, eels and all sorts of other things in here. You also can find some interesting things that people have thrown into the river!

Pub:  Fair maid

Cafe:  Quite a few in Perth

Created By:  cloudflint

Date:  03.07.11

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Thanks To: Darryl Mayer for extra hazard info.

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