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Tarbet Isle

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Tarbet Isle is an interesting freshwater dive in Loch Lomond. Google

Suggested Experience: Sport Diver.  

Travel directions: Take the A82 up Loch Lomond side and turn right at Tarbet its xx miles or the first small island just 30m from the road.  

Parking directions: Park 20m before the Island on the right heading north.

tarbet isle parking

Lat & Long:  N56.211710 W-4.696140  Google maps

Depth: Stay at max 15m but don't know just keeps going down at the back of the Island.

Tides: None 

Site entry/exit: Close to parking   (pictures to follow)  

Underwater directions:  Head along the shore at 15m and you will go round the back of Tarbet Island and if you come back in 8-10m you will come back through the gap between the Island and the road.  

Air & Nitrox:  Aquatron  Splashsports    

Site Hazards: Depth and cold and poor viz at depth. Also, there is the occasional boat and jet ski traffic.      

Nearest Public phone: Hotel at Tarbet 

Mobile Network service: Orange 

Pub: Tarbet Hotel

Cafe:  Tarbet Hotel        

Version: 1 

Created by: John Nicolson  

Date: 7/7/07 

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Other comments: On this dive, I saw small trout and eels, there are some interesting rock formations at the back of Tarbet Isle. 

Surface Photos: Contact me  

Underwater photos:   Contact me  Fly through without water

Divesite map: To small to map

Dive Report:  Ding  Doug short and I dived here and we saw a surprising amount of life, eels, trout, fish I didn't know what they were and found a message in a bottle dated 1936. A different sort of dive and well worth it for the change from loch long and Loch Fyne.

Dive Report:   Mikael 3/6/12 We dived Tarbet Isle yesterday for the first time and one thing I thought might be worth adding to the dive guide under the hazards section is boat traffic. During the time we were on site I saw at least 4 cruise boats coming down the Loch and each time they went past the Island on the shore side, fairly close to the Island. Given that the dive guide gives the depth here as 8-10 metres we choose not to dive on this side (I hadn't thought to bring surface marker). Instead, we approached the island at its southerly tip by a surface swim, once we were 10 meters away from it, we descended and then did our dive along the back or the Easterly side mostly at 10-12m. We surfaced again at the southern end so I knew we wouldn't be popping up in the path of an oncoming cruise boat.

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